Why Savexpense was created?

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It was the beginning of 2000 when the market crashed and my family was hit by major financial problems. We just moved to a new home and we were already at risk of losing it. I remember my mum crying and dad trying to admit to us that the situation was tough and we could barely afford physiological needs. Looking at my stressed parents having sleepless nights made me realise how serious the situation was.

I was about 11 at the time, but there is one thing I remember very well. My dad used to go from shop to shop in order to find same products, that many would think, are only slightly cheaper. He understood that supermarkets take advantage of normal people and my dad was ready to outsmart them. Believe it or not, these savings kept us going and we finally managed to survive these years and started doing well again. However, my dad’s shopping habit stayed the same forever after.

At that time, I didn’t realise that many years later I will come up with a concept to help people outsmart their supermarkets. My dad was a true inspiration for Savexpense, he even designed our logo and was very excited to see a working prototype.

Sadly, my dad lost his fight against cancer half a year ago. I promised to him that I will complete this app and make it available for free so anyone can make use of it without additional costs. And if at any point this app is profitable I will put part of the profits towards cancer research.

Today, here I am, standing behind those values, I have a promise to fulfil and help you ‪#‎outsmartyoursupermarkets‬.

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