Does saving need to be difficult

Is there an easier way to save on groceries?

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Does saving need to be difficult

Not everyone is brave enough to face their fear and find out how much they really spend on their shopping. However, the ones who do, have much more left in their pocket. How much? Well, if believing this article, in the UK, families spend an excess of £85 a week on food shopping and it’s possible to cut it by at least 30%, it’s whopping £1326 (£1657.5 pre-tax) a year! I wonder what would you spend this money on instead?

Some people go to extremes and track their expenses in a spreadsheet or compare prices of products in the stores close by on a piece of paper like my dad used to. Yes yes, convenient shopping of quality products at the right price sounds great, but does it really need to be so difficult? Not anymore!

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody could do the dirty job for you and collect all your receipts and provide you instant recommendations on how you could save your £1000s without sacrificing quality of the products you buy? This is not just a brand match, this is your best shopping friend who helps you out without asking for anything back. Lucky you as now you can have such a friend too.

Savexpense is a new and incredible app, which adapts to your shopping habits to provide you the best tips on product prices and quality making sure it is still convenient for you to shop. Why is it so great? Well, all you need to do is take pictures of your receipts and it will automatically learn everything from them, including products you buy and how much you pay for them. It will also compare the prices of similar products around places you already buy from so your next shopping is smarter. Last but not least, people like you can rate products they buy and give their opinions so you know what to buy and what not to buy. You will be surprised, it works really nice, you can trust me.

Savexpense is a free app and it will be released in next few weeks, make sure you don’t miss out and sign up to be notified when it’s ready!

Why not find out the story behind Savexpense?

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